Redesign Your Life

A one hour talk

by Vedanta Academy Alumnus

  • Sunday 13 Oct 2019
  • 16:30 - 18:30
  • Poona Club (Darios)
  • Free admission

Unravel the secrets of life and living

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Every human being today is functioning in the world with very little idea of his own personality. The entire mass of humanity is blindly following their predecessors. Nobody stops to question what life is all about, what is the ultimate purpose of his or her own actions.

While the adults are lost in the rat race, the youth at least have an opportunity to stop and question. Who am I really? What is my purpose in life? How can I achieve it?

Event Schedule

  • 16:30 Arrival & Registration
  • 17:00 Talk commences
  • 18:00 Q & A begins
  • 18:30 Depart


We are intrigued to know and learn the design and function of everything around us. Do we know our own design? How we function?


Many in the world function at a basic level all through life. Some try to be better. Gain the tools to upgrade your personality to the best possible level.


Know who you are, before you know what to do.


The quality of your life is not determined by others. Learn how to fashion your life entirely the way you would want it. 

Discover the better you


Poona Club (Darios)

Darios, at Poona Club offers a spacious outdoor venue for a memorable evening.

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Poona Club (Darios)

This workshop will provide you with the answers to these fundamental questions. Provide the material you need to find out all about yourself and function effectively in life to achieve your purpose. It will guide you to redesign your life the way it is truly meant to be.

Master the art of relating to the world

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